Sunday, September 11, 2005

A new friend for Gemini

Gemini got another friend this weekend. I lost a Siamese shortly before I found Gemini and now I have another Siamese. Chey is a lovely purebred chocolate point. She lived five hours away from my home and is decidedly stressed out about the whole drive and having to live in a new home. I'm good with cats but she's not warming to me all that quickly. I decided to try the big guns. I figured Gemini was a smaller, younger cat so I let them meet. Later on I left them alone for a short while. While they are not yet buddies, Gemini at least got the Siamese out of her carrier. She's sitting near me even as I type, though she still isn't tht interested in anything I do.

Sometimes it just takes a cat to get through to another cat. Stay tuned to what adventures the three of them have as this new baby gets settled in.

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