Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Hurricane Survivors

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is heartbreaking for both the human survivors and animal survivors. I am reading about more and more how many different animal shelters are sending aid to the pet victims of Hurricane Katrina.

My favorite pet charity is a no kill shelter called Best Friends. Best Friends is located in Utah and has sent many of their regular staffers and volunteers into the damaged region. They are working with other shelters to coordinate efforts to rescue pets left behind, reunited pets that got separated from families, and find foster homes for all those newly homeless pets.

So many families are homeless and are choosing to surrender their beloved pets to the shelters that the current facilites will quickly be overrun. As a no kill shelter, Best Friends is looking not only for donations but for volunteers who can be foster homes to some of these animals. They have a special web page devoted to the Hurricane Katrina efforts and ways in which people can help.

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