Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Cat Tails

So this is my fictional account of Gemini's tail. I am find it fascinating to think that her tail makes her look part squirrel. It's very pretty and I think she's quite proud of it.

Before Gemini, when I had three elderly cats, my orange cat, Iggy, had the longest tail ever. He was a tall cat and large in structure. His tail went across his back and then curled over for another inch or so of length. The main part was orange and white and the tip was mostly white, with a hint of ginger. I was sure, given that he had such a long tail he was the king of cats. I told him that many times. He was the king of cats because he had the longest tail.

I think that after he died he found Gemini and led her to me because he knew how upset I was at loosing my Siamese cat so unexpectedly. As good king, Iggy had made it known for months before that he was leaving. You could see him growing slower and steadily less himself. Anyway I think my old king of cats saw Gemini and knew she'd be perfect for me. He led her to the condominium complex where I live and had her howl until I heard her. Just to be sure I knew he had sent her, he fluffed her tail out. He probably couldn't make it longer, after all she was a little girl and how could a girl be the king of cats. No doubt, I am sure that an owner is only blessed with such cat royalty once in their life anyway.

I think that he gave her the fluffy tail to be sure that I knew she was a final gift from my king of cats.

Then again, she could just have a particularly fluffy tail...

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